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我作答English Paper 1 Section B的one word essay的窍门写法。

许多人说English Paper 1 Section B的one word essay很容易写,因为想些什么就写什么。但其实one word essay是最难score A1的题目,因为范围太广,不知道到底scheme 要的是什么。有时你可以写到长篇大论,但分数可能只有少少的20+分;相反有时只写短短的400-450字,却可以得到40+分。其实,在这几天的不断摸索及研究之后,发现其实这藏有个批改的秘密。1119的英文主要是针对作者的思维思考的“成熟性”来改分的。所以呢,若选择此类作题的话,尽量避免把它写成故事。如:“Fairytale” 就将它写成童话故事。这有可能会让批改官觉得作者很天真,幼稚,不切实际等,这将影响批改官对作者的第一印象。


第一,若选择此作题,万事切记Introduction是最重要的部分。如“Citizen"的话,可以这样开头。The word "citizen" can be generally defined as a person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation. Malaysia is heading towards 70 million of citizens by the coming year of 2100. Thus, there are many people say that it is good for a country to have great number of citizens. Oppositely, there are many comments about the cons for the country to become populous. In my point of view, I opine that having a great number of citizens for a country has its bright sides as well as drawback. It depends on how we look on the whole issue. 这样一来,一个“one word essay"就被转换成了discussion or factual essay了。把它当成写discussion or factual essays那样写。

接下来,由于开头是在讨论having a great number of citizen到底是好的还是不好的,而我是写成中庸。所以最少2个好处和2个坏处。



The term "pollution," which carries with it a sense of an impurity, can be widely defined as a chemical or physical agent in an inappropriate location or concentration. The sources of pollution are varied. Natural sources include those that are not directly under human control such as such as volcanoes, which spew forth sulfur oxides and particles; and those people could avoid, such as groundwater with naturally high levels of arsenic, which has caused poisoning in Bangladesh and Taiwan,as example. Mot of the human activities have the possibility of polluting the environment by contaminating air, water, food, or soil.In fact, there are variety of ways, which can we, as a collective effort of human race to overcome, to avoid, or to reduce impacts that brought by human caused pollution.

这样一来,Pollution就被改成了How to .......Pollution?看你怎么写咯。。。就是尽量把 1 word 经过 Introduction 把它变身成另一个题目。呵呵

1)What is sport? Sport is a kind of physical movement which giving your muscle exercise.
2)What are the advantages of sport?/why human needs sport? As sport such as jogging and swimming mantains the metabolism of our body goes smooth and relax both physical and mental of us(there are still more and a lot advantages, need to think urself such as gain antibody,won't get sickness easily).
3)there are two types of sports- the difference of heavy sport and simple sport, give some examples
4)How sport comes? we replaced war with sport competition, evaborate it.
5)sport games like common wealth and olympic- an oppoturnity for making good communication between country and another country, evaborate it..
6)sport is a good and health games for people to show his/her successful- some peoples were using their life time on sport, evaborate it.

(以上只供参考)哈哈 Good Luck in your SPM !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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